Ким и Кортни Кардашьян на отдыхе в Коста-Рике

У Ким и Кортни Кардашьян летние каникулы в самом разгаре: звезды с детьми улетели отдыхать в Коста-Рику. И вместе с ними бывший муж Кортни Скотт Дисик.
В Сети появились новые снимки папарацци с пляжа, где Ким и Кортни в купальниках.

Beach babe! Kim Kardashian couldn't keep her killer figure under wraps for too long as she stepped out on to the beach in a tiny black bikini


Wow! The 38-year-old reality star flaunted her hourglass curves in the strappy two piece as she sauntered across the sand for a quick dip in the ocean

Beauty: Kim's ample assets were barely contained in the black triangle top which was strapped across her shoulders and around her back

Fashion: Her gym-honed abs were on display in a pair of matching bikini bottoms rested high atop her hips and very moderately covered her backside

Chic: The mother-of-four kept somewhat covered up with a long cover-up wrapped around her incredibly slim waistline